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Do you want to find a factory that helps you solve problems with CNC parts? we know that there are many details of products .let us meet the MK CNC part machining Co.,ltd, the factory specialized in products R&D, factory strength has its own factory based in Zhong shan Guangdong. we have very professional workers and advanced equipment to produce CNC machining parts that can provide you with a stable supply and good quality products.OEM/ODM service, you can customize your own products, labels, and various metal parts through us, which can help you create your product brand better and faster, and attract more customer resources for you. the professional team, we have a professional technology and design team who have a good understanding of CNC parts manufacture. we will serve our customers with the highest efficiency and the most sincere attitude to achieve a win-win situation together.

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MK CNC part machining Co.,ltd was found in 2002. we are a factory area of 30,000 Square meters and over 300 worker. with 25 years of professional manufacturer of metal, including precision machining parts and anodizing, focusing on R&D and OEM/ODM service.

precision hardware, turned parts, aluminum electronic panels, aluminum heat sinks, forged parts, die casting parts and etc, products are mainly used for airplanes, bikes, automobiles, steamer fields, etc. products are exported to UK, the USA, Germany, France, and different foreign countries.

Mk CNC machining parts supplier specializes in extrusion aluminum alloy profile, including Precision CNC machining, and oxidation treatment, and provides customers with various aluminum alloy product parts. The extruder has 600-3600T, and the aluminum extrusion rods range from 90MM-360MM in diameter.

The minimum thickness of 0.3MM can be extruded, The machining plant area has CNC machining, CNC milling machines, large gantry milling machines, CNC lathes, large sewing machines, punching machines, drilling and tapping machines, argon arc welding machines, instrument lathes, etc.

The main products are precision metal stamping parts, industrial aluminum profile, high-section, and high-density aluminum heat sink,
various types of electronic part aluminum shell, automotive parts, battery shell parts, home decoration aluminum alloy,

and mechanical equipment aluminum parts, we can also produce complex CNC precision parts made of various materials. Most metal parts are mainly used for electronic, automobile, mechanical, etc. as well as the robot and motorcycle fields. The oxidation plant area has all the equipment and personnel required for wire drawing, sandblasting, polishing, and oxidation, you can do various oxidation treatment effects from us.

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The CNC machining part must be anodized when they were finished, it will protect the product’s life.

Whether you want to learn how machining works so you can be more experimental with your products, you’re looking to avoid unreasonably machined, and want to find a good solution


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