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Mk CNC precision machining parts manufacturer, was established in 1997, located in Langtang Industrial Zone, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City Guangdong Province, focus on customized metal machining for 25 years. Machinable industrial products that require high precision! The company has introduced advanced Japanese and German CNC 4-axis/5-axis machining centers, CNC compound lathes, automatic lathes, punching machines, other production equipment, and various advanced testing instruments. The main production lines are milling, turning, stamping, and supporting secondary drilling, tapping, grinding machines, rolling, laser cutting, welding, and other equipment. Provide customers with surface treatment such as sandblasting, oxidation, painting, electroplating, electrophoresis, and product assembly services. The processed products are widely used in photographic equipment, digital communication, drones, model aircraft motors, bicycle accessories, mechanical spare parts, fixtures, testing equipment, and other fields. There are many designers and senior technicians of various types equipped with advanced inspection equipment such as the German CONTURA-G2 three-coordinate measuring machine, microscope, projector, hardness tester, pneumatic height detector, etc. At present, we mainly produce all kinds of precision machining metal processing parts, which are suitable for more fields.



Hello, I am David, the founder of MK, I’m an engineer working on aluminum extrusion in the 1990s, the company mainly focuses on extrusion aluminum profiles. In my work, I often study product technical problems, mainly helping customers solve technical problems, and helping customers come up with reasonable technical solutions. We are an aluminum profiles factory that often services all kinds of customers. For example, some customers come to us to customize aluminum profiles, take them back, and then process them into various aluminum parts, including automobiles, bicycles, aviation, and some for electronic products, etc. from the production of extrusion aluminum profiles to the formation of precision machining parts. They are all made in our factory, and some customers will also ask us to make CNC precision machining parts. We bring convenience to customers because we can help them save costs, control the quality, and have a guarantee on the delivery time. Combining our own advantages, I decided to set up a CNC machining team based on our original business services. I cultivated a professional technical team to serve customers with heart. Our team has rich experience and has worked in the CNC machining industry for more than three years. Under my careful training, they must understand the technology, so as to facilitate better communication with customers and solve problems. First of all, understand the customer’s product requirement and know what field the product is used in because the accessories have different materials, our custom precision machining parts are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, etc. The craftsmanship and function of machining parts of materials are different. If you have questions in this field, our team of engineers has deep experience, and we are honored to answer them for you!

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According to your requirement for CNC precision machining parts, professional engineers can provide you
manufacturability parts analysis, process drawings of product realization, provide best optimization suggestions for process, and eliminate possible quality problems in advance.

Janet Chen
Department manager
Linus Liu
Technical engineer
Lina Weng
Project manager
Goff Huang
Marketing manager

Precision Machining Parts Manufacturing Workshop, Design Drawings, Measure Dimensions, Inspection Products, And Control The Quality

Advanced CNC machines, engineer measurement products, professional product solutions

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The precision parts are produced according to the customer’s drawings
3D measure
measure the product’s dimensions, accurate the dimensions

CNC machining

Precision CNC machining, the dimension accurate tolerance ± 0.01mm
Inspection parts
The engineers inspection products, control the quality

Company Development Process

Company Found

1997 years, based in tan zhou Zhongshan Guang dong province,18 workers and a few machines.

Had Own Extrusion Lines

2002 years, aluminum profiles extrusion lines for 12, custom aluminum profiles and other metals.

Increase Field

2009 years, moved in 30000 square meters of self-operated factory, extrusion lines, and CNC machining.

Extrusion Profiles And Aluminum Part Machining

2016 years, according to the customer requirements, combine ourself advantage, extrusion aluminum profiles, and CNC parts for customer.

CNC Machining Part On Global

2022 years, the R&D department find a solution for customers and specialized in new products research and development.

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