Anodized Aluminum Parts Processes

Understanding Of Anodized Aluminum Parts Processes

Washing Aluminum Parts Effect:

1: Chemical liquid washing can remove dust, dirt, grease, and other impurities on the surface, the surface will be clean.
2: Remove residues: in manufacturing production, some chemicals and treatment agents may remain on the aluminum parts surface.chemical liquid washing can help remove these residues to ensure the quality and safety of aluminum parts.
3: Pretreatment: chemical liquid washing is one of parts of surface treatment, it provides preparation for subsequent power coatings, color anodizing, and other surface treatments, it ensures aluminum parts’ life.
4: Reduce corrosion: Aluminum parts are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion during manufacturing. chemical liquid washing can help remove surface pollutants, reduce oxidation and corrosion of aluminum parts, and improve product quality and durability.

What Chemical Liquid For Aluminum Parts?

Normally used chemical degreasing for aluminum parts includes alkaline detergents or degreasers. One of the common chemical degreasing methods uses an alkaline liquid, such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or phosphate liquid, to remove grease and dirt from the surface. In addition, some organic solvents can also remove oil stains, but we need to be cautious, because organic solvents may cause harm environment and health, potential risks. When using any chemical liquid for oil removal, please follow the relevant safety operating handbook, and choose the appropriate solution and operation method according to the specific situation.

Why Are Aluminum Parts Surface Shiny?

Aluminum parts are smooth after electrolysis treatment, the electrolysis process can produce an oxide film on the aluminum parts’ surface. This oxide film can increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts and also has a certain luster. This sheen can enhance the visual appeal of the aluminum piece, and improve its overall texture. The thickness and characteristics of this oxide film may vary depending on the process parameters of electrolytic treatment. Therefore, for different requirements and application scenarios, the parameters of electrolytic treatment can be adjusted to achieve different surface effects.

What Is The Protective Effect Of Anodized Aluminum Parts?

Anodized aluminum parts have good anti-corrosion and protective effects. After the aluminum oxide film is formed, it can block the erosion of aluminum by air, water and other chemicals, thereby extending the service life of aluminum products. This oxide film is usually a thin and dense physical barrier that can slow down further oxidation of aluminum parts and play a protective role.
In addition, aluminum oxide film can also play a decorative role, as it can form surfaces of different colors, providing a variety of aesthetic options. Therefore, anodized aluminum parts not only have a protective function, but also enhance their appearance and decoration.

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