Custom metal parts are customized according to the demands of customers, and customers necessary to provide CAD or 3D drawings of the products, the drawings indicate the extrusion and machining dimensions of the products. we had engineer’s drawings too. we wait for the customer to discuss and confirm the product’s dimensions and then machining. some products need to open the mold for customized machining, we will open the mold, firstly extrusion aluminum profiles. secondly drilling, screwing, cutting, etc. Thirdly die-cast aluminum needs metal surface treatment, the metal surface treatment prevents raw products corrosion, it has a protective effect on the product after finished metal surface treatment. custom metal parts manufacturer.

Custom Metal Parts Factory

Save Cost And Shorten the production cycle, the engineer helps you work it out. Analyzing the technical requirements and quality requirements of the product. Integrated multiple advanced technologies, the engineer analyzes the drawing and process, select suitable process for products, and make a manufacturing scheme, Check that the dimensions of the part drawing should conform to the programming, the geometric elements of the part contour structure should be sufficient, whether the geometric type and size of the inner contour and the outer contour are uniforms, and the machining accuracy and dimensional tolerance of all products should be discussed and determined with the customer. MK CNC PARTS Co., Ltd specializes in the production of metal parts for more than 30 years, as well as achieving a higher level of precision process.

Precision Custom Metal Parts

Determined the processing plan, according to the requirements of the main surface dimensional and surface roughness accuracy of the product, confirm the processing method to achieve these requirements, Then determine the processing plan from the semifinished product to the final shape, precision machining, processes including CNC milling, CNC drilling, milling turning, micromachining, CNC Turning, stamping, etc。 high precision and good rigidity of the machine and precision grinding tool, The process of cutting a skinny layer of metal on the surface of the product with a very high or deficient cutting speed.

obviously, this process can significantly improve the machining accuracy of the part。 Since the product area becomes smaller during the cutting process, and the adverse effects of cutting force, cutting heat, and vibration are eliminated to the greatest extent, the surface deterioration layer left by the previous process can be effectively removed, and the surface after processing is basically free of residues Tensile stress and roughness are also greatly reduced, that is CNC precision machining.

Custom Metal Parts Processing


Stamping parts are one of the categories of metal parts, mainly metal or non-metallic sheet metal, with the help of the pressure of the press, through stamping die-stamping and forming product parts. we opened the stamping mold from the customer’s drawings, the stamping machines have 40 tons, 63 tons, 100 tons, 125 tons, 160 tons, and 200 tons, and use for which machine according to your parts dimensions. the stamping parts are one-key stamping, and it is very saves your cost, when the stamping parts are finished, we use medicinal liquid to wash the parts and remove the parts’ surface oil, it protects the metal parts’ life!

Later Cutting

The metal parts raw material needs precision laser cutting, and the laser cutting tolerance ±0.1mm, the accurate dimension is very helpful for the customer because the CNC parts precision will affect the application, we control the later cutting dimensions, and the CNC parts dimensions. We provide a complete selection of cut shapes including tube laser cutting, plate laser cutting, welding processing, etc.

CNC Milling

We sometimes use the CNC milling process metal parts, CNC milling can process different materials, like aluminum, and stainless steel, the CNC parts are very complicated, process different sections for the dimensions, the CNC milling can reach this request, change the tool produce thread holes, the speed according from the hole size and depth. We had more tools for different section processes.

CNC Turning

CNC Turning processing higher accurate metal parts, the CNC turn machine adjusts by audio signal type, the machine system export 1 input pulse, the machine removes parts 1 single pulse is 0.001mm, And the reverse clearance of the lathe milling transmission gear and the average error of the pitch of the ball screw can be compensated by the machining center equipment. For this reason, the precision level of the CNC lathe is relatively high.
The CNC lathe is the main cutting motion formed by the rotation of the part with the main shaft. The machining center is the tool rotation to form the main cutting motion.

CNC Drilling

The CNC drilling tapping center is a CNC machine tool that exerts high speed, high precision, and high productivity in the processing of metal parts. The evolution of the drilling tapping center makes it possible not only for tapping, but also for milling and precision drilling and even achieves a higher level in terms of productivity, processing capability, and reliability. CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling holes, reaming holes, tapping holes, and other processing. In airplanes, bikes, automobiles, steamer fields, etc. drilling processing of various large parts should be the first choice.

Micro Machining

Micromachining refers to the machining of small workpieces. Microfabrication is commonly used in the field of medical devices and electronics. metal parts produced by micromachining processes often require microscope viewing. Microfabrication technology has become a multi-disciplinary manufacturing system engineering and comprehensive high-tech, Widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, and other fields. Micromachining is generally carried out in workshops that specialize in small parts or precision machining.

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