Extrusion Machining Aluminum Parts Manufacturer

Extrusion profile then CNC machining, it is very normal machining aluminum parts. first, confirm the custom aluminum parts’ dimensions, features and tolerance, and material selection. the aluminum material is 6061, 6063, 7075,2024 etc.

Extruded profiles, extrusion is a process, the heating aluminum bars through mold extrusion the aluminum profiles, there are a variety of extrusion methods, such as hot extrusion or cold extrusion, depending on the material and aluminum parts required specifications. cutting the finished aluminum profiles to the required length, we use the laser cutting machine for accurate cutting. CNC machining aluminum parts, and extruded profiles are finished, and then need additional machining, such as drilling holes, slotting or adding complex features, this includes planning the machining steps, selecting the appropriate tools, and setting up the CNC machine. put the extruded profile on the CNC machine and program the CNC machine, perform the machining operations according to the setting, CNC machines use computer-controlled remove needless material from profiles and create the aluminum parts. This can include milling, drilling, tapping, and other machining processes. aluminum parts surface treatment, after CNC machining operations are completed, aluminum parts need additional surface treatment, including deburring (removing sharp edges), sanding, polishing or powder coating to enhance the appearance and lifetime of the part. inspection: parts were completed, we should inspect parts, and ensure it meet the drawing specifications, including dimensional inspections, visual inspections, and other quality control measures. assembly and delivery, if the customer needs assembly parts, the machined parts can be assembled into whole products, alternatively, we package individual parts delivery.