How To Manufacturing Aluminium Electronics Enclosure Parts

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The aluminum alloy is a colored & fine metal alloy widely used in many industry, and has used in aircraft, new energy vehicles, mechanical, shipbuilding and electronic Industrial. The science and technology have been rapidly development, and the industrial economy vigorous resuscitation, the aluminium electronics enclosure demand is increasing, and the wide application of aluminium electronics enclosure has also promoted the development of various processing technologies.The aluminum alloy casing is mainly made of aluminum alloy. First of all, select the raw materials for production. The raw materials we are familiar with include 6063A, 6061, 7075, etc.

Aluminium Electronics Enclosure Production Step

which should be selected according to the product use and surface requirements. We often communicate with customers on the use of products, give them better suggestions, and help customers save product costs.
The first choice for aluminum

alloy casings is to determine the drawings of the product, and check the drawings to determine the processing method of the product. Our usual processing method is extrusion profile processing. Confirm the drawing, open the extrusion mold, extrude the product,

and then put the product in the iron frame, after aging, the effect of aging is to increase the hardness of the profile. We usually take 4-8 hours, depending on the porduct’s size, volume and processing technology to be achieved.

Then cut it into a certain size, such as 15cm, 20cm, 30cm. After the product is cutted, we will look at the drawing of the machining. Generally, screw holes are drilled on the surface of the product.

Another way is die casting parts, open the die-casting mold, fill the metal mold with molten alloy under high pressure and high speed conditions, and make it solidify and cool under high pressure for precision casting production.

There is another way to directly use a lathe to turn the product out according to the drawing requirements of the product.
No matter which method you need for the product, we have the ability to solve it, give you better suggestions, and help customers save costs.

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