OEM Vs ODM Precision Parts Manufacturing

Let’s say you want to make your own product but don’t know how to make it your own brand. OEM ODM custom CNC precision parts manufacturing allows you to create your own product. In manufacturing, other than these two Custom CNC parts manufacturing, you may also find other acronyms. Well, this post is only for OEM vs ODM CNC precision Parts Manufacturing technologies.

In manufacturing, the use of the right term may vary based on different products. You can realize that each of these acronyms holds unique purposes. Well, both ODM & OEM are used in many custom CNC parts manufacturing industries. Unfortunately, many people may not know exactly what these acronyms mean. To clarify this confusion, we will only talk about OEM vs ODM custom CNC precision parts manufacturing today. Let’s explore the meaning of these terms. And then, let’s know why they are so popular in sales and manufacturing.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing. Consecutively, the manufacturers who produce OEM CNC parts are regarded as the Original Equipment manufacturers or OEMs. So, it is a company that develops and produces products for customers. In most cases, the design & development of the products are set by customers.

What sets OEM custom CNC parts apart from other manufacturing models is that it refers to the manufacturers who focus on a specific product or a set of products. Suppose you want a mass production of a specific component of a vehicle. Using this technology, manufacturers can produce the same component as you request. All they need is your design and the data that you have as a reference. This example explains everything about OEM CNC parts. However, the use of this technology can often be found in automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing industries.


1. Focus on a specific product’s manufacturing.

2. Helps manufacturers to become experts & efficient in manufacturing unique parts.

3. Offer personalized solutions; suitable for rapid prototyping.

4. Ensure the highest quality control measures (tolerance up to 0.01mm).

5. Make your own brands.

6. Work with prototypes before proceeding to the final production.

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing. It is a company that produces its own products. That means it designs, develops, produces, and sells its own products. In most cases, customers set the designs and develop the products. Manufacturers like mkcncpart verify the design and manufacture the parts with quality control measures.
ODM custom CNC precision parts manufacturing is used by many companies, from solopreneurs venturing into retail to giant companies. ODM CNC parts cover a wide range of items. You can find its examples in electronics, metal parts for automotive, hydraulic, domestic appliances, machinery, and more.


1. Saves time and resources; especially in designing, testing, and certifying.

2. Since it saves time, you can have your product stocked before time to market.

3. Ordering ODM CNC precision parts from manufacturers is easy & simple.

4. ODM custom CNC precision parts manufacturers normally provide set pricing per product quantity. As a result, it delivers excellent cost transparency.

5. Using ODM CNC precision parts manufacturing, you can scale your production to meet irregular demands.

As mentioned in the preceding two sections, OEM and ODM custom CNC precision parts manufacturing are both companies that manufacture custom parts. However, ODM offers more services than OEM. OEM offers developing and manufacturing the part where the design and specifications are given by the customers. Conversely, ODM offers designing, developing, and manufacturing.

* OEM allows customization of specific components to meet customer’s requirements.

* ODM also offers customization where the design is done by the manufacturer. You can also get pre-designs, saving you additional costs for designing.

* OEM vs ODM: Design Responsibility.

* OEM only focuses on manufacturing.

* ODM takes responsibility for designing products. They often offer catalogs for pre-designed products.

* OEM may require more time because it depends on the customer’s design and specifications.

* ODM takes on design responsibilities. Thus, it generally offers a quicker time-to-market.

* OEM products are sold without branding.

* ODM products may or may not have branding.

* OEM offers lower production costs.

* ODM, with pre-designed services, may offer cost-effective solutions. However, if the customer requires unique designs, it may increase the overall production cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

ODM CNC precision parts are ready-made items developed by a factory. Indeed, the manufacturer must have expertise and quality control production. Otherwise, it won’t be able to meet the customer’s exact requirements. ODM CNC metal parts are the most popular custom products. We often find it in the automotive industry. The use of ODM CNC parts can also be seen in the medical, agriculture, and machinery industries.

OEMs are companies that make specialized parts as per the customer’s requirements. Normally, OEMs design and develop original components or systems used in the manufacturing of vehicles. For example, Denso Co. is the original OEM of Toyota, and Foxconn is the OEM of Apple products.

Yes, OEM means original equipment manufacturer. It means all OEMs ensure the authenticity and original quality of a product. OEMs always prioritize quality. They follow industry standards and continuous quality control measures. Therefore, people are much more aware of original quality and replica quality.

Answer: The quality of OEM CNC precision parts is almost the same as that of original parts. The price is also user-friendly. The only difference is that OEM products don’t carry the manufacturer’s logo. However, they are as reliable as the original products. Considering the budget, OEM CNC precision parts are better.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing & ODM or Original Design Manufacturing are both popular in the modern world. OEMs are companies that only manufacture components based on customer’s requirements. Conversely, ODMs are the companies that design, develop, and manufacture various equipment.

Therefore, you can realize that ODMs are more responsible than OEMs. Consequently, ODM products are more expensive than OEM products. Check out the following table to distinguish the main purpose of OEM vs ODM.

Precision Parts Product IdeasCustomerCustomer
R & DCustomer And Precision Parts ManufacturerPrecision Parts Manufacturer
Precision Parts Product TestingCustomer And Precision Parts ManufacturerPrecision Parts Manufacturer
ProductionPrecision Parts ManufacturerPrecision Parts Manufacturer
White or private-labelCustomer And Precision Parts ManufacturerPrecision Parts Manufacturer

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