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Machining Factory: Custom heat sink
Material: Aluminum alloy
Origin: Zhongshan, China
Production: CNC machining
Size: Customized
Surface Treatment: Anodized
Color: Custom
Inspected:100% Inspected before shipment
Shipping:15-25Work days

Heat sink material

MaterialsAluminum, brass
Surface treatmentAnodizing
Tolerance100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form
Testing equipmentCMM; tool microscope;multi-joint arm; automatic height gauge; manual height gauge; dial gauge; marble platform; roughness measurement
File formatsSolid works, CAD, etc.
Service projectTo provide production design, production and technical service, mold development, processing, etc
Quality assuranceCE

Due to saving energy, and good performance, LED lights have cemented a special position contemporary lighting environment today. LED lights have become the go-to option for numerous home and industrial lighting applications. However, just like other technological advances, LED lights have some difficulties, the biggest of which is heat control. The performance and longevity of LED lights can be significantly harmed by an accumulation of excessive heat. A bespoke LED light heat sink plays a crucial role, ensuring the best performance of LED lights by effectively dispersing the built-up heat.

Understanding Heat Management In LED Lights:
Although we are known for being energy efficient LED lights, it’s vital to remember that they also produce heat when in use. LED lights do not radiate heat in the form of infrared light as their conventional incandescent counterparts do. They can instead hold onto heat instead. This retention has the potential to intensify and cause overheating if it is not managed carefully. As a result of too much heat, LED lights may lose brightness, have their colors change, or even start to malfunction before they should. Therefore, to maintain peak performance and increase the lifespan of LED lights, effective heat management must be implemented. In this situation, the development of the LED light heat sink is crucial because it is essential for effectively controlling and dissipating the heat produced.

Role Of An LED Lamp Heat Sink:

The heat sink for an LED lamp is a precisely manufactured part, created to effectively absorb and disperse the extra heat that LED lights generate. Keeping the LED at the right temperature is essential because doing so affects both the LED’s performance and longevity. The efficiency of heat management is significantly influenced by the heat sink’s material composition and architectural design. Heat sinks for LED lights can be tailored to match the unique requirements of many LED lighting applications, making them an essential part of every LED lighting system.

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Customization For Enhanced Performance:
The wide range of needs encountered in various LED lighting applications is precisely addressed by customizing LED light heat sinks. The unique requirements of 50-watt Chip-On-Board (COB) LED lights have been methodically satisfied by a specialized heatsink known as a 50W COB LED heatsink. The particular heat sink used in this application significantly improves heat dissipation, allowing the COB LED lights to operate at their peak efficiency. Similar to this, a 3-watt LED heat sink has been precisely designed and engineered to meet the unique requirements of low-power LED lights. This skillfully designed heat sink ensures that these lights continue to function at their best within a safe temperature threshold while preserving their small and efficient dimensions. The variety of customization options includes a wide range of other requirements, ensuring that the heat sink for LED lights is expertly constructed to satisfy the particular requirements of each LED lighting setup.


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Material Selection In Custom Heat Sinks:
The choice of heat sink material is crucial since it greatly impacts the heat sink’s overall efficacy. Because of its great thermal conductivity, we often use aluminum material. To meet customer’s specific needs, we had brass material too, but the aluminum will be save cost for you.
The material choice is crucial, because it has an immediate impact on the heat dissipation capacity of the heat sink for the LED bulb. To ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the heat sink and LED lights, it is crucial to carefully select appropriate materials.

The brass material is expensive. Brass composed of copper and zinc is called common brass. two elements composed are special brass.
Brass has strong wear resistance, brass has excellent plasticity, high strength, good machinability, welding, good corrosion resistance, heat exchangers, auto parts, machinery, electronic parts

6063 aluminum alloy is a cold-treated pseudo-pressed alloy with high strength, far better than mild steel. 6063 is one of the commercially available strong alloys. 6063 aluminum alloy has compact structure and strong corrosion resistance, which is suitable for LED . The good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and anodic reaction.

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