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Machining Factory: Stainless steel components manufacturer
Origin: Zhongshan, China
Production: CNC machining
Size: Customized
Surface Treatment: Anodized
Color: Custom
Inspected:100% Inspected before shipment
Shipping:15-25Work days Quantity(pieces):1-100000

OEM stainless steel components manufacturers

Materials316 stainless steel
Surface treatmentNature
Tolerance accurate ± 0.01mm
Testing equipmentCMM; automatic height gauge; dial gauge; marble platform; roughness measurement
ProcessingDrilling, etching/chemical machining, laser machining, milling,turning, wire EDM, rapid prototyping
File formatsSolid works, pro/engineer, etc.
Service projectTo provide production design, production and technical service, mold development, processing, etc
Quality assuranceCE, ISO14001:2015

Stainless steel precision components

If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable stainless steel components manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. At MK CNC PARTS, we specialize in stainless steel components manufacturing and product research and development. We are an experienced stainless steel components manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience.

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After years of development and innovation, it has developed into a large enterprise integrating R & D, design and production of CNC parts.

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Here are some of components of stainless steel that we manufacture:
Custom stainless steel parts
Stainless steel machining parts
OEM/ODM customized design stainless steel machine parts
Stainless steel precision components
CNC stainless steel parts
Customized industrial making machine steel parts
OEM customized factory machining stainless steel parts
Factory price ISO9001 certificate CNC stainless steel
Fabrication machine parts
Electronic components
Heat sinks, aerospace parts, bicycle parts, and telecom parts
Medical parts and automobile parts

Our stainless steel parts are made from top-grade steel and provide impeccable performance in their specific application fields. We invite you to visit the MK CNC PARTS website and check out some of the stainless steel components we manufacture.
Types Of Welding For Stainless Steel Components
When it comes to welding stainless steel components, several distinct methods are employed, each with its own set of characteristics and applications. These diverse techniques cater to various requirements and preferences in the fabrication process.
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG Welding)
Gas tungsten arc welding stands out for its precision and versatility. This type of welding for stainless steel parts uses a tungsten electrode, which is non-consumable to create a high-quality weld. If necessary, a filler metal rod can be added to the weld pool to enhance the strength and quality of the joint. TIG welding is a popular choice for applications where aesthetics and meticulous detail are crucial, such as in the food, beverage, and aerospace industries.
Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG Welding)
Gas metal arc welding, commonly known as MIG welding, uses a consumable electrode and shielding gas to create a weld. This type of stainless steel welding is known for its efficiency and speed. MIG welding is commonly used for stainless steel components in industries like automotive and fabrication, where productivity is a priority.

Stick Welding
Stick welding is recognized for its simplicity and versatility. It involves an electrode coated in flux that generates the arc and forms the weld. This method is suitable for various stainless steel thicknesses and is often utilized in construction and repair projects where portability and ease of use are key factors.
Flux-Cored Arc Welding
This type of welding is somehow similar to MIG welding but employs a continuously fed electrode with a flux-filled core to create a weld. This allows for better protection against contaminants and is particularly useful in outdoor or windy conditions. Stainless steel components that require robust, structural welds often benefit from FCAW.

Laser Welding
As the name implies, laser welding utilizes an intensely concentrated laser beam to melt and fuse the stainless steel components. This method offers precision and minimal heat-affected zones, making it suitable for delicate and intricate work, such as in medical device manufacturing or electronic components.
Electron Beam Welding
EBW utilizes a high-velocity electron beam to weld stainless steel components. This technique produces deep, narrow welds with minimal distortion, making it ideal for applications requiring precise, high-strength joints, such as aerospace and nuclear industries.

Advantages Of Welding Stainless Steel Components
Welding stainless steel components offers a host of compelling advantages, making it a preferred choice across industries. The benefits of this process are both practical and functional, catering to diverse needs in the fabrication world.
1.Exceptional Corrosion Resistance
One of the standout benefits of welding stainless steel components lies in their remarkable resistance to corrosion. This innate quality arises from the presence of chromium, rendering these components highly durable in harsh and corrosive environments.
2.Robust Structural Integrity
Welded components of stainless steel exhibit robust structural integrity, capable of withstanding significant stress and pressure. This characteristic is particularly crucial in applications where strength and longevity are paramount.
3.Aesthetic Appeal and Hygiene
The polished finish of welded stainless steel precision components not only adds an aesthetic touch but also facilitates cleanliness and hygiene. This feature is highly advantageous in sectors such as food processing and medical equipment, where cleanliness is imperative.

4.Versatile Design Possibilities
The malleability of welded stainless steel allows for intricate and customizable designs, providing flexibility in crafting components that align precisely with specific requirements.
5.High Heat Resistance
Welded stainless steel components exhibit exceptional tolerance to high temperatures. This ensures their reliability in applications subjected to extreme heat or thermal cycling.
6.Compatibility and Non-Reactivity
Stainless steel’s non-reactive nature allows for compatibility with a wide range of materials, promoting diverse engineering solutions and enhancing the reliability of the final product.
7.Longevity and Low Maintenance
The durability of welded stainless steel components translates to extended service life and reduced maintenance needs. This results in cost savings over time.
8.Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
Welding stainless steel enhances it recyclability making it an environmentally friendly option. It reduces the overall environmental impact and contributes to sustainable practices.
9.Wide Industry Applicability
The advantages of welding stainless steel components make them suitable for a wide array of industries, from construction and automotive to pharmaceuticals and aerospace.

25 Years’ Experience In Precision Metal Parts
With a remarkable 25-year journey in precision metal parts, MK CNC PARTS boasts a legacy of experience. This extensive know-how ensures that your stainless steel parts are crafted with the utmost precision and quality.
Wide variety of stainless steel parts
MK CNC PARTS is your one-stop shop for high-quality stainless steel parts, including CNC machine stainless steel parts, precision machining parts, CNC turning parts, die casting parts, and metal stamping parts.
30,000 Sq. Meters Workshop With Over 300 Staff
Spanning an impressive 30,000 square meters, the MK CNC PARTS workshop hums with industry expertise. A dedicated team of over 300 skilled professionals ensures that your stainless steel parts are meticulously crafted to perfection.
Research And Development Customized Stainless Steel Parts
MK CNC PARTS takes pride in its prowess to develop and customize stainless steel machining parts. This means that your unique requirements are not just met, but exceeded, as your stainless steel parts are meticulously designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.
Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing And Certificate
The ability to swiftly create prototypes sets MK CNC PARTS apart. This ensures that your stainless steel parts undergo rigorous testing and refinement before reaching the production stage. The resulting products bear certificates of excellence, underscoring their quality and reliability.
Advanced Technologies
MK CNC PARTS leverages advanced technologies, positioning itself at the forefront of stainless steel part manufacturing. This commitment to innovation guarantees that your components are crafted using the latest and most efficient methodologies, translating to superior end products.
Welcome to MK CNC PARTS
Here at MK CNC PARTS, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top-grade stainless steel products, including customized industrial making machine steel parts, custom precision stainless steel machining parts, fabrication machine parts stainless steel, and many more. Visit the MK CNC PARTS website today and check out some of the components of stainless steel that we offer.

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