Precision Machining Parts And Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer -MK

Processing precision machining and metal stamping parts are usually used raw materials processing parts that meet customer’s requirements, through the CNC machine tools and stamping molds processing. The CNC processing speed is fleetly, and the surface of the products is washed by medicinal liquid. After the surface, we use calipers and measuring instruments to check the product, the products must qualified from the drawings, and then packing products. CNC machining and stamping processing can use all kinds of materials, the aluminum, brass, stainless steel, plastic, etc. metal part processes to use for different raw materials according to customer needs.CNC machining parts from high precision, strictness dimension. MK has focused on CNC and stamping parts processing for many years, undertaking many types of processing technology, CNC 5 axis machining processing, stamping, CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC drilling, micromachining, etc. with a wide processing surface, high accurate tolerance, best raw material, and delivery on time.