Stamping Metal Terminal Manufacturer

What is the stamping metal terminal?

The terminal raw material is copper alloy, and is produced by high speed stamping mold, the terminal is the core part of the connector,
The metal terminal plays a key role complete the electrical connection function.
The terminal consists of the male terminal and female terminal, put in male and female terminal into the plastic connector shell, and complete electrical connections.
male female normal materials are brass and phosphor bronze. female terminal needs jack socket, Which is a key part for the connector,
it relies on elastic structure and contact pin connection, generates elastic contact with the male terminal, and completes the connection.
Terminal shape
There are cylindrical, square, arc, cantilever, bifurcated, branched, male and female, spade, square pin.
Terminal material
Normal metals include phosphor copper, red copper, bronze, brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel, and other metals.