What Is Metal Stamping Parts In Car Manufacturing

An ordinary car is composed of tens of thousands of parts, stamping parts play a major role, and the stamping process is widely used in the automotive industry.

What Is Stamping?

Stamping parts production technology that uses molds and stamping equipment, directly subjects sheet metal to deformation in the mold, thereby obtaining shape parts. Stamping process typically requires three major elements. They are metal sheet materials, stamping molds, and stamping machines. You know, the stamping method is a metal cold deformation process. This is why they are often called cold stamping & sheet metal stamping. Well, it is one of the most popular methods used in metal stamping or pressure stamping processing. In addition, it also belongs to material-forming engineering technology. Note that 50-60% of stamping car parts are made of sheet metal plates. And they are mostly finished by this stamping process.

Stamping parts are manufactured with less material consumption. Their weights are light. In addition, they provide an excellent stiffness. The metal sheet deformation process typically improves the internal structure of the metal. As a result, the finished stamping parts gain increased strength.

Normally, stamping parts come with a high accuracy dimension. They offer unique sizes with similar molds. In addition, they provide an excellent interchangeability. Moreover, they don’t require additional CNC machining. Ultimately, they are capable of meeting general assembly & use requirements.

On the other hand, the stamping process typically does not damage the part’s surface. As a result, the finished stamping parts have an excellent surface quality. They offer a smooth & an appealing aesthetics. Ultimately, it facilitates surface painting, electroplating, phosphating, and other surface treatment processes.

Let’s talk about stamping parts, casting parts, and forging parts. Usually, they are thin, uniform, lightweight, and robust. They may come with reinforced ribs, twists, and flanges. This technically improves stamping parts’ rigidity. Note that the elimination of rough molds ensures that the stamping car parts reach a micron level of accuracy. As a result, the stamping parts achieve high precision & consistent specifications, processing holes, bosses, and others. In production, process tests like drawing performance testing and bulging performance tests are used to test material stamping performance. These testing formalities ensure product quality & a high pass rate.

What Are the Applications of Stamping Parts In Cars?

In a typical vehicle, the stamped positions are the car’s body, heat sinks, boiler drums, container casting, car motors, electronic iron core silicon steel sheets, and more. However, other applications may include instruments, house hold appliances, office machines and storage vessels. You know, stamping is an efficient production method, thus the demand for stamping parts are extensive.

It uses a composite mold that can perform numerous stamping technical operations on a single press. It is named a multi-station progressive mold. It can achieve automatic material production. Since the production speed is quick, the rest of the time is long. Consecutively, the production cost is low as well. Therefore, the collective produces hundreds of pieces per minute. Note that it is popular with many stamping parts manufacturers.

We specialize in manufacturing precision stamping parts, at the ODM/OEM factory. Precision stamping connector metal terminals, plug connector metal stamping parts, riveting metal shrapnel, stamping part for pressure switch, and other precision auto parts.

What Is Metal Terminal?

The metal terminal is a small part of the automotive electrical system. It primarily connects various electrical equipment such as batteries, engines, lighting, sensors, controllers, and so on. In automobiles, there are more types of devices, and the device needs precise control, so the quality and reliability of automotive wiring harness connector metal terminals are particularly important.

Innovative technology and production are always required in stamping parts manufacturing companies. It assures the quality and dependability of the metal terminal used in automobile wire harness connectors. For example, high-precision metal stamping technology can ensure the dimensional accuracy and polished surfaces of metal terminals. On the other hand, using appropriate materials may increase the strength and reliability of the metal terminal. These materials may include high-strength copper alloy, titanium alloy, brass, etc.

With the continuous development of automobiles, metal terminals are important, and receive more attention. Making high-quality automotive wire harness connection metal terminals improves car safety and sustainability.

We are a stamping parts manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacturing of automobile metal stamping parts. We stamp various hardware precision metal terminals with a stamping speed of up to 1000SPM. The stamping production efficiency of precision metal terminals is high! The metal terminal dimension tolerance can ensure the blanking tolerance ± 0.01, and the bending tolerance ± 0.03mm, the quality and performance are stable, and the output is high.

What Is Plug Connector Metal Stamping Parts?

plug connector metal stamping parts structural features:
The connector is composed of two main parts: the plug metal stamping part and the socket part. The socket component is installed on equipment that requires AC voltage and current.
After the plug components and cables are installed, the three connecting conductive rods are inserted into the socket and the feed is input to the equipment that needs to provide power. After the plug component and cable are installed, the three connecting conductive rods are inserted into the socket, inputting electricity into the equipment that needs to provide power, In addition, two plug components are used to connect and couple the cables.
After the plug components and cables are installed, the inner cavity space of the plug must be filled with a special epoxy resin cold pouring agent filler, which can be used after curing.

What Is Metal Shrapnel

A manufacturer specializing in the production and design of automotive metal shrapnel parts. The common precision metal shrapnel is an important part of electronic, it usually plays a role in conduction, switching, clamping, resonance, etc. The shapes are mostly S-shaped, C-shaped, round, Z-shaped, spoon-shaped, etc.
Precision metal shrapnel performance indicators
Elastic fatigue test more than 1 million times
Insertion and extraction force resistance: more than 10,000 times
Alignment: 0.05mmMax
Verticality: 0.05mmMax
Straightness: 10mm reference, 0.05mmMax
Product dimension tolerance ± 0.005mm
Dense punching hole diameter Φ0.28 or less

We passed the three major certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949, with many years of experience in stamping parts design and development.
The metal thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are stabilized, the quality standards meet for imported brands, and can actively cooperate with customer’s request design.

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